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Im Marketing wird immer mehr auf Bilder und Videos gesetzt. Wichtiger Bestandteil einer solchen Strategie ist YouTube. Und es ist wirklich beeindruckend, welche Vielfalt an Aktivitäten dort stattfindet.

How Financial Marketers Can Turn Leadership Obstacles Into Opportunities

How Financial Marketers Can Turn Leadership Obstacles Into Opportunities

Three strategies financial marketing executives can use to flip today’s leadership challenges into competitive Advantages.

Face it, these are tough times. You are hard pressed today to walk into any financial services organization, stop by any board room, or department meeting without hearing an executive or leader discussing how challenging it is to be successful in financial services today.


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How To Convert Data Without “Breaking the Bank”

How To Convert Data Without “Breaking the Bank”

Whether it’s a merger/acquisition, or replacing a legacy archive system with new technology, it’s no secret that data conversion can be costly.  To extract millions of images from one legacy system and migrate to another is a labor-intensive exercise, and you may get billed accordingly!

But when you compare those costs with the continued expense (and risk) of keeping the legacy system running, it…

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Warum braucht eine Organisation effektive Führungskräfte? Was zeichnet eine effektive Führungskraft aus? Wie gewinnt man Effektivität und Handlungsfähigkeit in der Führungsrolle? Das heute vorgestellte Buch gibt Antworten auf diese Fragen.

Half of All Consumers Feel Undervalued by Their Bank

Half of All Consumers Feel Undervalued by Their Bank

Over half of all consumers feel undervalued by their banks. Financial institutions must close the customer experience gap with friendly, knowledgeable staff and banking services that consumers demand.

Almost half of consumers in the US, Great Britain, Germany and France feel their bank does not value them as a customer, according to research from Ipsos MORI commissioned by GMC Software Technology.

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Mobile Banking – Take Two

Mobile Banking – Take Two

Banks are in a second, or perhaps third, generation of mobile banking.

First efforts added mobile access to existing online banking, but that meant banks were not going to attract the mobile-only user, and they were missing some of the advanced capabilities of mobile, such as remote check deposit and using QR or visible   bar codes.

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Der Einsatz von Social Media bietet Unternehmen zahlreiche positive Effekte, darunter Vertrauensaufbau und Markendarstellung. Die heute vorgestellte Infografik bietet einen guten Überblick und ist der Auftakt zu einer kleinen Serie über Wege zum erfolgreichen Social Media Einsatz.

Creating Content in the New Banking Scenario

Creating Content in the New Banking Scenario

The bank’s content needs, or in other words, the intent in creating content, drives two of the most important pillars of your bank’s content strategy – the Tone of Voice (TOV) document and the Style Guide.

Before the bank creates content, it is important to establish content guidelines and standards. These guidelines and standards lay a firm foundation for ensuring consistency, quality, reuse,…

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9 Strategies for Building a Great Mobile Banking App

9 Strategies for Building a Great Mobile Banking App

There is no doubt that strategies around mobile banking are in the top five priorities for any financial institution. Even with this focus, many bankers have a difficult time making the paradigm shift that is required to build a great mobile banking application. Scott Bales, who is currently working on a new book entitled Mobile Ready
agreed to share his thoughts on the keys to mobile app…

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Bank Customer Service Still Stinks

Bank Customer Service Still Stinks

Banks and credit unions realize that there is a strong correlation between customer satisfaction, portfolio growth and financial results, yet recent studies of customer satisfaction indicate there is still a major gap in performance between the financial services industry and other verticals.

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