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Exploring Social Connectivity in Retail Banking

Exploring Social Connectivity in Retail Banking

A Perficient colleague in our Portals and Social practice, Brendon Jones, posted a blog, “Re-energizing the retail banking experience” which talked about the shift in retail banking towards the use of social technologies to deliver value in mobile services for money management. As the McKinsey Quarterlysource he mentioned referenced, social networks have become mainstream with consumers. With…

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Banks Must Understand Customers, And Customers Must Understand Banks

Banks Must Understand Customers, And Customers Must Understand Banks

The need for banks to understand their customers better is often discussed – but what happens when customers don’t understand their bank?

The talk of the 360-degree view of the customer should not obscure the fact that customers need to understand banks – and banks have to help them.

When we talk about the future of banking, we often focus on the customer. Phrases like “the 360-degree view of the…

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Was haben erfolgreiche Gruppen in den USA miteinander gemein? Warum ist die amerikanische Kultur auf dem absteigenden Ast? Was muss geschehen, damit diese Entwicklung umgekehrt wird?

Das heute im Bank Blog vorgestellte Buch „Alle Menschen sind gleich – erfolgreiche nicht. Die verblüffenden kulturellen Ursachen von Erfolg“ von Amy Chua und Jed Rubenfeld gibt Antworten auf diese Fragen.

Do’s and Don’ts for Secure Mobile Banking

Do’s and Don’ts for Secure Mobile Banking

On my way to the office, I met an old friend on the train today. During the course of our conversation, I learnt that despite owning a smartphone, she does not carry out banking transactions through it. She doubts if her bank has made mobile transactions completely safe and is biding her time, waiting for the day when mobile bankingbecomes foolproof. Most of us believe that it is the sole…

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Shifting the boundaries of innovation

Shifting the boundaries of innovation

Open innovation, the process of encouraging ideation across all stakeholders to drive enterprise innovation, is gaining traction in a diverse range of business applications – from automotive design to drug discovery. Two banks that are harnessing the power of Open Innovation to drive organization change were featured in the most recent edition of the Efma-Infosys Innovation in Retail Banking…

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Das Marketing verändert sich in dem Maße in dem sich die Konsumenten verändern. Nachdem mobile Medien inzwischen häufiger genutzt werden als Zeitungen und Zeitschriften, gewinnt auch das mobile Marketing an Bedeutung.

What does “customer-centricity” mean in practice?

What does “customer-centricity” mean in practice?

According to a 2013 survey of retail banks by Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services (BBRS) – [find it here] – more than 70 per cent say customer centricity is very important to them. Leaving aside the question of what the other 30 per cent plan to do to keep their customers in the future, the question is: how can they build the customer-centric business they desire?

The blocker for many banks…

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Mobile Wallet – A long way to go

Mobile Wallet – A long way to go

Last evening I threw a party at a popular pizza joint, in celebration of my promotion. At the checkout, I realized to my horror that I had left my wallet at home and had neither cash nor card to pay with. I had to borrow money from a friend to settle the bill. Had this restaurant signed up for a mobile wallet service, I wouldn’t have faced such embarrassment. With the growing numbers of smart…

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Die Digitalisierung bringt neue Herausforderungen und die traditionellen Stärken der Banken sind im Rückgang begriffen. Neue Wettbewerber ermöglichen den Kunden zunehmend ein Banking ohne Banken. Dabei lassen sich fünf Gefahren identifizieren.

Improving Security of Mobile Payments

Improving Security of Mobile Payments

A couple of weeks ago the European Central Bank (ECB) published a draft document for public consultation on Recommendations for Security on Mobile Payments. These recommendations were developed by the European Forum on the Security of Retail Payments, SecuRe Pay. This document follows similar recommendations for internet payments, and for payment account access services.

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