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Is PayPal talking to a lighthouse?

Is PayPal talking to a lighthouse?

Aircraft carrier is an awesome sight: it’s huge, full of energy, impressive in all respects. It’s worth a lot of money too. However, when you see an aircraft carrier on the horizon heading towards you at full speed, that means one certain thing – it is going to crash, due to its maneuvering capabilities (stopping distance, turning circle, etc.)

Good captains don’t let their ships run aground, but…

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Zunehmende Regulierung und der Einfluss durch die Politik bereiten der Finanzwelt Kopfzerbrechen. Neu auf der Liste der zehn größten Risiken für die Finanzbranche sind die Furcht vor Kriminalität und die Sorge um die Schwächen der Technik. Die Branche sieht sich allerdings gut vorbereitet auf die möglichen Bedrohungen.

Rock Ballads We Could Learn from

Rock Ballads We Could Learn from

“So here I go again…walking down the only road I’ve ever known.”  Yes, it’s the lyrics from a Whitesnake song!  But I kept singing it whilst reading about recent moves in the UK lending market. And then there’s the definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Are we in danger of doing it all again?

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Mobile Banking Leading to Branch Closures, Roll-Out of Self-Service Branches

Mobile Banking Leading to Branch Closures, Roll-Out of Self-Service Branches

U.S. banks collectively reduced the nation’s branch total by 390 locations during the third quarter, according to research firm SNL Financial. The closings are part of an ongoing trend of banks closing more branches than they open, as customers increasingly transact with their financial institutions through mobile and online Banking.

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Eine russische Bank bietet ihren Kunden höhere Zinsen bei sportlichen Aktivitäten und zeigt damit wie man sich durch die innovative Koppelung mobiler Apps mit interessanten Bankangeboten als attraktiver Partner positionieren kann.

Why Consumers Exaggerate When They Threaten to Switch Banks

Why Consumers Exaggerate When They Threaten to Switch Banks

Countless surveys ask banking consumers about switching triggers, but people’s behaviors don’t align with their responses… or reality.

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4 Ways Financial Institutions Can Build a Brand-Driven Internal Culture

4 Ways Financial Institutions Can Build a Brand-Driven Internal Culture

Here are four things marketing can do to help boost the internal culture at their financial Institution.

One of your top priorities in 2014 should be to build and maintain a brand-driven culture, much like Oregon-based Umpqua Bankhas done. They’ve been recognized as #1 on the list of 100 best companies to work for and made Fortune magazine’s national list of 100 best employers the seventh year in…

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Bad Data Can Make You & Your Campaign Look Bad

Bad Data Can Make You & Your Campaign Look Bad

It’s not just the NSA that knows what color socks you’re wearing today. Surf online and dozens of marketers and search engines track your every click and the time you spend on a web page. Credit bureaus add more information to consumer files all the time.

Data is king, according to data-gathering organizations. That can annoy and anger consumers, but insightful data can be the added edge that…

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Challenges and Strategies for Managing Branch PTO

Challenges and Strategies for Managing Branch PTO

While managing PTO schedules in the branch can be a thankless task, a key part of the solution is having clear policies that are communicated to the people who have to implement them.

Managing and scheduling Personal Time Off (PTO) days has long been a challenge for financial institutions (FIs). The problem is more difficult in the post-recession era because many FIs have reduced branch staffing…

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Wie können Sie Ihre Wertschätzung für Ihre Mitarbeiter ausdrücken? Welche Möglichkeiten und einfachen Rezepte gibt es dafür? Wie können Sie Ihren Mitarbeitern helfen, Familie, Gesundheit, Sport, Spaß und ihre Arbeit zu kombinieren?
Das heute im Bank Blog vorgestellte Buch „BetterBoss – Einfach nach Rezept“ von Katinka Gyomlay, Christoph Küffer und Regina Regenass gibt Antworten auf diese Fragen.