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New Rules (with Old Problems) In Social Media

New Rules (with Old Problems) In Social Media

In many ways, Peach State FCU symbolizes the essence of the credit union industry: Created in 1961 with a specific goal of serving local educators in a few Georgia counties, it now has more than 41,000 members, while employees of all sponsor Boards of Education and select groups and associations are also eligible to join.

Like all good businesses, Peach State likes to stay current, and that’s…

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Die heute im Einsatz befindlichen Geldautomaten sind in den Grundlagen ihrer Technologie rund 40 Jahre alt. Zeit also, sich Gedanken zu machen, was verbessert werden kann.

Changing payments landscape

The banking and payments landscape is changing at a great pace. Increasing consumer demand for quick and easy access to accounts has led to greater reliance on technology for banks and consequently innovations such as electronic invoicing, mobile payments and e-commerce are developing at breakneck speed.

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Passwords: Fingerprint, heartbeat or brainwaves?

Passwords: Fingerprint, heartbeat or brainwaves?

There is no such thing as a truly secure password; there are only more secure or less secure passwords. Passwords are currently the most convenient and effective way to control access to your accounts. But passwords are a mess. We have too many; sometimes they are all the same, which makes it easier for a hacker; many passwords are “123456” and easy to crack; and there are numerous ways that a…

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Bankers: What is the value of your strategy?

Bankers: What is the value of your strategy?

A colleague and I recently had a healthy discussion about what agenda items to include at strategic planning retreats. He was strongly in favor of showing summary level financial projections for “business as usual” at the financial institution. Showing value creation, or erosion, from doing the same things you have been doing will highlight the need for staying the course or strategic change, in…

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Unter Social Business wird die Fähigkeit verstanden, Social Media und die dahinter stehenden Methoden und Prozesse tief in die Strategie und Struktur eines Unternehmens zu verankern. Dieser Prozess verläuft in sechs Phasen.

Wie kann man mit einfachen Methoden das kreative Potenzial seiner Mitarbeiter entfalten? Woran scheitert Kreativität häufig? Wie können Sie ein kreatives Umfeld gestalten?
Das heute im Bank Blog vorgestellte Buch „Creability – innovative Methoden für die Ideenentwicklung“ in Teams von Martin J. Eppler, Friederike Hoffmann und Roland A. Pfister gibt Antworten auf diese Fragen.

The Problem With Banking Experiences And Transformations

The Problem With Banking Experiences And Transformations

If you don’t know who Joe Pine is, shame on you. He wrote two of the best management books ever published, Mass Customization and The Experience Economy.

Along with my praise, however, comes a little critique.

He recently published a white paper titled Beyond Products and Services in Banking, in which he writes:

“No industry has more commoditized itself over the past three decades than banking.…

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It’s Time To Kill The Net Promoter Score

It’s Time To Kill The Net Promoter Score

Management ideas come and go. 

Unless we’re talking about the net promoter score, which has come, but hasn’t left. It’s the cockroach of management metrics. 

For the life of me, I can’t understand the continued interest in this metric, or as some delusional people call it, a system. 

Intention to do anything — let alone to recommend a company one does business with, is useless. 

Go ahead, tell…

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Consumer Loyalty in Banking Pays Big Dividends on Sales Growth

Consumer Loyalty in Banking Pays Big Dividends on Sales Growth

Consumers bought one-third of the banking products sold last year from an institution other than their primary bank. Loyal banking customers own more products, and buy more products… but that doesn’t mean they’re going to make your sales for you.

How exactly does customer loyalty translate into better financial results for a retail bank? And how much value is at stake? For many bankers, the link…

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